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At TLC, we have chosen to concentrate on maternal traits.  We believe one must avoid extremes and we will never claim that our cattle are the best at everything.  We do, however, want them to be the best and most efficient at converting grass to meat.

We use two noted maternal breeds, Angus and South Devon, both have been developed over centuries as dual purpose breeds.  One could argue all day which is the best cow - Angus or South Devon - and that's the way we like it!!!!  We have purebreds and composites of these two breeds.

We are not afraid to let nature pick the cows we keep (and believe me that is sometimes a tough thing to let happen).  Nature will always move the herd back to the center (contrary to what most people try to select for - which are the extremes).   We measure profitability by total pounds of beef produced / cow exposed.  We also rate our cows  on % body weight weaned .  This keeps balance between genetics, feed resources, and the market place.

Our goal is to breed for uniformity, consistency, and true efficiency.  We aren't interested in breeding high maintenance cows that only excel in a perfect environment. We don't believe beef cows can be profitable if they have to rely on anything but roughage or 'garbage' feedstuffs. Avoiding grains,proteins, and even high priced by-product feeds gives us our competitive edge in the maintenance of our cowherd. The other meat producers (poultry,pork) certainly can't utilize cellulose ----so in a world full of that stuff, thats our reason for being in business!!!Lets not forget it!! ....There's too much sort, waste, and cost in our current production systems!!!! Most producers have bought into the notion that the bigger the weaning weights the more profitable they are. North Dakota State reminds us every year thru their CHAPS program that there is actually an inverse relationship between weaning weights and net profit! wow! So true profit comes from moderate, low cost females being able to increase profitability by staying at an efficient, ideal size (1100-1300), maintaining reproductive & maternal excellence, and all while increasing total pounds weaned/ cow exposed/unit of energy consumed. What a tall order ! But everybody has cows that do it. The key is to breed 'em' with the right bulls so eventually the whole herd becomes efficient! The biggest myth being propagated today is that high yearling weight EPD bulls (even if they have low birthweight EPD's), won't increase cow size! Mature size (frame and weight) is one of the highest heritable traits! Thats why the darn cows are staying so big and yes, inefficient.  They can test and measure for efficiency in larger cows and their offspring all they want ,but one thing is for sure, they will never be as economically efficient as smaller cows. High output cows are built to consume energy, and lots of it !. Research shows variation in energy input ( feed costs) contributes more to efficiency differences than did variation in calf output ( income)!!! M. Van Oijen, M. Montano-Bemadez, M. K. Nielsen, J of animal science: 1993. Our greatest satisfaction is seeing this play-out in our herd and the herds of our customers. Customers buy a bull from us and see immediately that our genetics thrive on grass and flesh easier! When the bulls come in from breeding or wintering pastures they are in much better condition than their other bulls!! Replacement heifers grow without grain and the trickle down effect begins. Give us a call.....lets talk about producing beef in todays tough economy.........Jace       801-391-8989           Vearl   320-266-3098          


Crossbred Cow 3179

9 year old south devon crossed cow

TLC Gus '22' South Devon Bull in pasture breeding

as a 4 yr old 



Great 11 year old cow with 22 bull calf

another great 10 year old cow

TLC Newt

Newt is a purebred son of 22

His sons currently on test for sale this spring    


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